The time has come to put on your own wedding dress. You would like to look delightful and be romantic like a princess. And this is natural because the bride is the centre of attention and she must look fabulous. But at the same time, however, the dress must look natural and correspond to her nature. Furthermore, it shall be also convenient. Any girl comes to choosing a wedding dress with a great dose of excitement and a little bit fear … . Maybe she has been dreaming about it long time before she heard the words “Will you marry me?” and maybe her concept has been changed over the time …

In this train of thought, I would like to give you a few fashion tips and which I hope will be a guide in your choice.

What will be the wedding dress cut?

Before you choose a line of the dress, please determine your body type – apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle.

– Dress type “Empire“. The model has a high waistline that starts right under the bust and straight neckline. Its bottom part is light and free. Generally, it is suitable for every body type as it well conceals body imperfections. It is ideal for expectant mothers or fuller figures.

– Dress in a romantic style.

The cut consists of bodice at the top part and a rich, wide skirt with crinoline support with hoops. Suitable for slim, tall girls with no well-defined waist, because the corset forms it well, contrasted to the voluminous skirt. It is not suitable for short women, as it shortens the body optically in addition.

But you will be a true princess from a fairy tale with this model of dress.

– Dress in “A silhouette”. It has this name because the shape resembles the letter “A”. The upper part of the dress is narrow, but from the waist down it gradually expands and the skirt stands smoothly and it does not get pleated. For this purpose, we use thick and heavy fabric and it is supported by crinoline.

– Dress type “mermaid”

Narrow slim dress broadening below the knees. It emphasizes the curves of the body very well and it is combined with deep open back and long train. This model is most suitable for body type “hourglass”.

– Straight or slim type dress.

A light and elegant dress that falls straight down and wraps the body not allowing to hide any flaws. This makes it not suitable for plump ladies. But on the other hand it is a great choice if you are planning a beach wedding or one at outdoors.

– Corset Dress.

A model of two parts-skirt and a separate corset. The waist looks thin and narrow as the corset is tight. It is a fabulous choice for ladies with luscious bust.

If you want to stick to classic lines, but at the same time you want a wedding dress that distinguishes of its playfulness and lightness, and this task seems difficult and unattainable, you can boldly choose this type and create your own wedding dress.

The team of Fashion Studio TAILOR can give you individual advice what type of cut is best for your body. We will look at magazines with various models together and choose the one suitable for you. If you like a skirt from one dress and a corset of other dress, we can make a combination. In the event that you do not like any ornament or detail we can remove it and place another one at its place. You have the freedom to change and customize your model. In this way, you, dear girls, will become the key designers and will create together with us the dress of your dreams.

Choice of colour.

Tradition dictates the dress must be white because white is a symbol of purity and immaculacy. But how many variations and nuances of white are there? Cold white – the brightest, natural white, ivory /mixed with a little yellow / and “champagne” colour.

If you have a fair skin, ivory will suits you well. If your skin is white with a pink tinge – natural white suits you well. And if your colour is neutral colour with yellow shades – you can choose between natural white and champagne. Dark skin women can choose whatever colour nuance they like.

When you are considering the colour of your skin, you can make interesting combinations of basic shades with other colours-you can combine white with pale pink, pale purple or bright coral colour.

You can also choose some not so traditional colour. Sometimes, today’s designers use pale blue, pale lilac, black or red colour that embodies the dynamic and independent woman in the 21st century.

Accessories – veil, garter, clutch

If you want your wedding to grow into a real celebration, you should pay attention to the smallest details.

Your clutch made by fashion studio TAILOR can become an actual work of art.

The veil is the most typical accessory of the bride. In the past, it was believed that it “isolates” the bride from the outside world while preserving its sanctity. Today, its purpose is purely symbolic and gives a final touch to the bridal dress.

The garter is an interesting accessory and it is worn little above the knee on the right leg. Taking off the garter by the groom creates entertainment for the guests and is an integral part of the wedding.

At Fashion Studio TAILOR you can order your accessories for the wedding. We will make them of the same materials /ribbons, laces and flower/ that we used for sewing your dress and thus we make them a great addition to your outfit and give a final touch to your vision.

Not to forget bridesmaids!

Their dresses are usually the same, sometimes different, but in line with the bride’s dress. They are an integral part of the whole wedding and they give it an unique charm just like beautiful flowers.

You can also count on the dresses for your bridesmaids. Just select a model … Or we will give you an idea to make your bridesmaids small fairies and elves!

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