Our modern 21st century is a time when trends in style and fashion are changing rapidly and intensively, but the most important thing when following fashion trends is to remain true to our identity. Global brands and trademarks are constantly pouring us out with their fashion suggestions and ideas – some of them are good, some of them are not so good… but firstly we are persons and for that reason we have to build our own style, which distinguishes us from others. A personal style is easy to be built with clothes and dresses custom tailored. These are clothes that will stand out from the “crowd” and are fully compliant with our figure. They will highlight its advantages, and in combination with properly selected model and colour they will create our unique style.

This is the core of our activity. All clothing and dresses that are custom tailored, following your or our design.

Which are actually the most important conditions for the realization of a high-quality garment?

Well-chosen model tailored to your figure peculiarities – whether you are with narrower or wider hips, whether your shoulders are narrow or wide, whether you have a belly … – we have an individual approach to each figure. Furthermore, the model complies with whether the garment is sewn for any special occasion or it is casual.

The precise cut, which is taken according to your individual measures just for you.

The right choice of fabric is an essential condition for the final result. Each material has its own specific qualities to “breathe” life of a particular model of garment. In Fashion Studio Tailor we are working with high-quality fabrics, mostly of which coming from Italy, by which we realize your ideas.

One further important precondition of course—the high-quality workmanship. Our services are of uncompromising quality because we want to give our customers the best and we know that they will come back again to us.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a part of the summer clothes and dresses that we made for our clients. Trusting each other, we work great for their successful vision.

Alice in Wonderland

We created this dress by the original idea of our client, for a special occasion. The requirement was for a light and airy dress, creating mood. The bespoken textile design of a sheet of music is especially impressive. It was drawn on the white chiffon of which the dress was made.

The main material of the dress is pink satin. Its top is a bustier with lively sleeves and the skirt is strongly gathered, emphasizing the waist. At the very bottom of the skirt, we added several layers of pink tulle for volume. Lastly, we combined it with a woollen designer scarf of a sheet of music.


Stylish and feminine – The Corset

A bustier type corset was the basic cut of the series that we made for this lady.


A classic garment that never goes out of fashion and which emphasizes so well women’s curves … We made two dresses – a black formal one of elastic satin cotton for comfort, but we placed a busk at the bustier. We made the skirt volumetric by inverted box pleat at the waist.


Dress in champagne – we made it of elastic fabric “punto milano” , using a busk and a length below the knee. And the result was a great club dress.


Our next hit was the denim corset – versatile and stylish, suitable for both slim skirt with a high waist and for trousers. The colour is indigo blue, always a fashion colour. The decorative seams are made in ochre. We placed a metallic zipper on the back.


Convenience for summer days – White linen suit

The emphasis here is again on the bustier – corset, but this time in white. We combined it with wide legs high waist trousers. We have chosen linen to give specific simplicity to the suit and the white colour added its inherent elegance and chic.


Flowers, flowers…

The lady who came to us is an admirer of the blue colour and loves flower patterns. We selected for her floral pattern with bright flowers on blue base –so fashionable for the summer. Her requirement was for volume at the top part, which we achieved with “fallen” neckline, take in under the bust and slightly cut out the bottom part of the dress. We have chosen an elastic material and viscous tight knitted fabric. The length of the dress is to the knee.


Bright orange

The lady had an occasion and the idea for the model was her own- a dress with thin straps, with upper part consisting of cups on the bust and a belt that emphasizes the waist line in contrast to the wide flowing bottom part of the dress. The cups are double, padded, and the material is fine elastic knitted fabric.


Flower girl dress

We made this dress for the girl’s special occasion. We used thin elastic cotton with floral pattern. Its top is narrow and sleeveless. Below the bust, we placed a black belt and we made the bottom part of the dress wide of inverted box pleat. In this way, we emphasized the waist line. We placed layers of tulle for volume under the skirt of the dress.

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