There is hardly a framework in which we can put it. Undoubtedly, there are seasonal trends, and rules in combining different colours, fabrics and shapes, but as banal it sounds “fashion spin” – over a period trends are repeated in colours, cuts with minor modifications, lengths, accessories; the same is valid for shoes. And this happens quite naturally and logically, because the resources with which fashion designers work are the same, despite of their innovativeness: materials, shapes, its potential and its palette. Only their imagination meets no boundaries…

– Colours of season spring/summer 2015

This summer, we are enjoying some truly colourful fairy-scene – pastel and delicate.

Naturally, this season’s favourite is the yellow colour with all its shades – from pale “banana flavor” to bright yellow or amber. Cheerful, energetic and positive it fills us with optimism and summer mood.

This summer, “milk with blueberries” – a milky blue -violet colour, shades of burgundy—the known colour “marsala”, aquamarine and the whole range of fresh blue, purple and green are fashionable.

– About textile designs

This season, it seems like textile designs recreate canvas of an artist – soft and floral or bold and bright. Familiar and timeless stripe is a very current fashion trend, transformed into various diagonals and unusual positions. In the spring – black and white and in the summer- charming sailor’s blue and white. It is great combined with accessories in red.

– Some information on the fabrics – summer fabrics can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding ladies, giving them freedom of choice as appropriate.

The romantic style and its admirers will look irresistible in a delicate lace dress or a “ballerina” type dress made of layered tulle.

If you want light and comfortable fabrics that emphasize your femininity, then sheer and sexy transparent fabrics and silk are suitable for you.

– A few things about cuts–The retro fashion whiff from the 70s in different variations is felt. Modern overalls in short or long versions, with a bustier or V-neck are fashionable. Well-chosen massive accessories– long necklace or earrings will give it a kind of extravagance.

Especially fashionable for this season is the “skirt” type dress. It may be short, knee-length, with long or short sleeves, casually rolled up to the elbow, but always with a belt. It will give you both casual – sporty and elegant appearance.

Denim – it never goes out of fashion, and this year is even more fashionable in its different incarnations and forms, combined with lace, embroidery, fringes and metal elements. A combination of jeans with a denim shirt is the hit of the season.

Fashionable and timeless styles “safari” and “military” are on the spot. Usually, in typical “khaki” and “sahara”, these colours underline the great golden summer skin.

You will be stylish by choosing gathered at the waist or type “soleil” styles .For combination you can choose shorts and short top or wide-shirt.

Not to forget the long dresses made of light airy fabrics that create a sense of true bohemian style.

The variety of new fashion trends and combinations always tempts us and makes us experiment. And thus should be. However, if we want to stay true to ourselves, it is best to build our own style, corresponding to our inner sense of harmony and beauty.

To be unique and unforgettable …

Words of Coco Chanel are wise:

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

I wish you a hot and unforgettable summer!!!

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