Graduation and prom dresses custom tailored

There are important moments in every woman’s life when she wants to look beautiful and irresistible – stylish and elegant. Undoubtedly, the first of these moments is the prom ball. And for that special moment she needs a special prom dress custom tailored- luxurious and elegant.

Long or short prom dress with bare tempting shoulders or cut back, discreetly revealing the length of the hips or waist accentuating… What will it be?

Daring and irresistible models of prom dresses that inspire our imagination attract us from the shops with glittering shop windows, but after a long tedious probing we seemed to remain confused and instead of making a choice, we do not know what model to choose.

My advice is not to follow blindly fashion trends and new-fangled clothing, dressed on the window-doll, but to follow your own style and inner sense mostly. And in fact, it is not difficult – you must take into consideration the peculiarities of your figure, colour of hair, eyes, skin … even your mood … and only then to choose the dress for your prom.

And here I would like to give you a few fashion tips on how skilfully we can highlight our advantages and to hide our disadvantages. But firstly, we need to determine what type our figure is.

We define four main body shapes:

– Pear body type – most women have such body type.

What is typical for you – plump thighs, wider than shoulders, rounded hip and a well-marked waist.

My advice- Emphasize on your upper body – you must give volume to shoulders /with sleeves or curls/ and accentuate your waistline. You could choose a dress with a wide, square or “boat” type neckline, or a strapless dress to unify the proportions of your body. The dress bottom part is recommended to be wide, but not much, in order to conceal wider hips. If you choose a long dress, you will give height to your figure.

– Apple body type.

What is typical for you – big bosom, wide waist and rounded belly. You have thin legs and normally you are putting on weight in your upper body.

My advice – without any worries you can wear a short dress to show your legs. It is recommended to choose right or semi-slimming silhouette. You can also use a thin belt to accentuate your waist. You can choose V- neck, which visually elongates your torsi .You will look well in a dress with one shoulder or with thin straps near the neck, so that your shoulders can look narrower.

– Hourglass body type– “The perfect figure”.

The proportions of your shoulders and hips are similar; you have a small waist and feminine curves.

My advice – Emphasize on your curves and be seductive! You can wear any dress model, but the best option is to be slimming, of thin fabric or one with a belt with which to emphasize on your waistline- the most basic rule is to focus on the waist! Dress like “mermaid” will best show your body advantages. And choosing wide or V-neck will draw attention to your bosom and shoulders.

– Rectangle body type

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size, but your waistline is slightly expressed.

My advice – At your case the rule is to “depict” waist. The silhouette of the dress needs to imitate the “hourglass” body type .This can be achieved by a variety of accents, you can combine as low-cut or heart-shaped neckline, wide belt and flared bottom part, which will ideally form the “hourglass” shape and give you the desired feminine silhouette.

Model, colour and cut

Typically, girls choose a long prom dress and it is the right solution for the evening. The long prom dress will make you stylish and attractive and it will reveal your femininity in a unique way. It has an elegant and sensual silhouette, especially if it is made of luxurious fabric and decorated with stones, sequins or attractive brooches.

It is accepted long dresses to be in pastel shades and simple design, but if you like more vivid colour, without worrying you can skip this rule and choose a colour without restrictions. The season of graduation, namely, the spring supposes a rich palette of colours to be used. For example, if you choose a dress in a clean, minimalist style, you can have it in more expressive colour. And vice versa – if you like a sophisticated style, asymmetry or any unusual detail, you must use more restrained colour. The best choices of colours are beige, grey and burgundy.

If you wish to complement your clothing, you can use a cloak, bolero or sheer shawl on your shoulders – classic combination of two elements.

Light fabrics are the most suitable for prom dresses. The choice of fabric, suitable for the model, is very important and it will guarantee the desired result – the perfect prom dress. In most cases, satin, different types of chiffon, organza, silk and tulle are used. Silk velvet, which gives specific “weight” of the model, looks very extravagant. However, it should be known that dresses of velvet require simple design and details.

This rule also applies to dresses of lace.

If you want to be a real prom princess, you will have to choose a gorgeous dress with a big neck and lush skirt. This type of dress will emphasis on your waist, will give mystery and will inflame male imagination.

Dresses of the type “mermaid” are especially extravagant and adorable – by their multi-layered bottom part, lush appearance and open back. If the upper back is opened, the dress will emphasize on your shoulders; if the back is fully opened- on the thighs. You will have to consider the strengths of your figure and highlight them.

Models displaying the upper chest, shoulders and back to maximum extend looks incredibly luxurious. The focus of this model is on the chest and especially spectacular it looks if it is combined with heavy jewellery.

Dresses decorated with stones or sequins can be perfectly combined with details of chiffon or organza, but you have to put simple jewellery.

If you are brave and extravagant, you can choose an asymmetrical design. You will fix all eyes on you, but you should know that such a dress requires only classic colours – white, black, burgundy or blue.

My dear princess, I hope I have been helpful with this article and I have given you some guidelines in choosing your dress.

I am always opened for questions and advice and I expect you in Fashion studio TAILOR to create together your dream dress. Because every princess is unique and must be unique in her unforgettable prom night!