Autumn is knocking on the door and although we still feel the warm sun of Indian summer, it’s time to think about our autumn vision. To open our autumn wardrobe and to choose warm clothes.

Which are the leading trends in the autumn-winter season?

The old classic is coming back powerfully and will dominate again for autumn/winter 2015- 2016

Let’s start with the dress – my favourite lady’s garment that has the strongest presence in my wardrobe. -.

According to the latest fashion trends, the narrow, tight dress as impressive it is, is often being displaced by free models in bohemian style, for the simple reason that they are relatively comfortable and conceal imperfections of the body. Whether it is long or knee-length dress, this type of dress fits very well with a vest, interesting scarf or a sleeveless jacket of eco leather.

In the autumn warm days you can feel comfortable in a dress of fine knitting, georgette or punto milano with ¾ sleeves to show your hands. If you’re a sporty type, you can choose a dress of leather or denim, combined with a fringe jacket or a sports coat. The timeless dress-shirt made of fabrics such as suede or cotton in ochre or Sahara colours is also modern.

– What happens with the trousers – Fashion critics believe it is time to return back to high waisted wide leg trousers – even a little retro, they are modern and chic again! Patterns with wide legs are presented at both everyday jeans and official trousers. Combined with high heels they greatly lengthen legs and make the silhouette more slender. They can be very well combined with short or tight turtleneck top.

If you have a sculpted figure and perfect long legs – high-waisted slim trousers are just for you. They fit like a second skin and are best combined with loose tunic or shirt in bohemian style.

– Let’s have a look at the skirt. If you love to wear a skirt, you’ll be on the crest of the wave if you wear a long skirt with several deep slashes -this is the autumn version of the summer pleated skirts. These are the new fringe for this season.

– About the shirt. Gone through many transformations, the shirt, initially as a men’s clothing today it has acquired a completely different sense of fashion and it is present in every lady’s wardrobe. High closed collar gradually give a way to free lazy shirts in bohemian style with casual tassels and ties, made of silk and sheer chiffon. It goes great with slim trousers or long skirt in the same style.

– About the coat. The focus here is on leather coats with filament – warm, soft and fluffy, that hug us so well during the winter. Bold, bright colours, leopard print and ethnic motives as for summer trends are fashionable.

– About the jacket. Big jackets, most of plastic mac and duvet lining are fashionable again, this season they are made in saturated, bright colours and no doubt they will distinguish you from the others. The lengths vary from short ones to knee length.

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